@KEFCHILD #ARIWO Video Dropping Soon

Babatunde Olobayo popularly know as Kefchild the oluwa crooner and a fasionista who recently launched his clothing line has proven beyond doubt that he  is a true royal blood from Kabba, Kogi State.The award winning song star Kefchild has repeatedly proven to be top the game after he kept the industry lip syncing His newest song “Ariwo ” the cattcy lyrics and harmonies levitates it as a certified banger Is.  and a a prequsite for sucess he shot an energetic youthful video with the industry best hands on the cam,  @frizzlenbizzlefilms it is expected  to drop soon.support share and be blessed     Continue reading


Trump speech apparently puts Mugabe to sleep

Trump speech apparently puts Mugabe to sleep (pictures)

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was shown to be sleeping for much of US President Donald Trump’s speech at the United Nation’s General Assembly.

In what appears to be a regular occurrence, 93-year-old Mugabe, was once again spotted sleeping during an important gathering. He travelled to New York to attend the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations and while US president, Donald Trump gave his speech, we gathered that Mugabe who came with a 70-man entourage slept for the most part. According to reports, the Zimbabwean government is paying a whopping $1500 per person, to cover each day of the trip which is scheduled to last 10 days.   Continue reading

Twitter has a field day after White House Chief of Staff’s body language betrays him during Trump’s bombastic speech to the UN

John Kelly did not appear to be enjoying President Trump's speech to the UN on Monday 

The photos of John Kelly’s exasperated reaction to President Donald Trump‘s speech to the UN today exploded on Twitter Tuesday.

The usually stoic White House Chief of Staff put his hand over his face as the president addressed the 193-nation body.

In addition to labeling Kim Jong-un ‘Rocket Man’ for threatening to used nukes, the commander in chief blasted ‘loser terrorists,’ the ‘corrupt’ government in Venezuela, and the ‘murderous’ Iranian regime, and ‘rogue regimes’.

Kelly couldn’t control his reaction and cupped his temple with his hand, similar to a Star Trek  meme as several pointed out on social media. Continue reading

Putting Together the ULTIMATE Fantasy Football Draft

There is nothing quite like watching your favorite football team winning on a Sunday afternoon while your daily fantasy team is ALSO doing great. We’re sure there is a chemical reason in your brain for those feelings but we’re only interested in chasing and finding more of them. That is why daily fantasy sports have gotten so popular over the past couple of years. People want to watch football and win money. It’s a simple thing. The rise of DRAFT, a daily fantasy site that opts for snake drafting rather than salary cap drafting, has gotten so popular in recent months. Still, winning is only a possible outcome when you know what you are doing. Today we are going to walk you through the steps to winning your first daily fantasy football contest.                                      Continue reading

Power Outages Persist For Millions In Florida, Georgia And Carolinas After Irma

More than 4 million electricity customers in Florida and other states hit by Hurricane Irma remain without power, complicating efforts to recover from the huge and intense storm. Some areas also lack water service or are under a mandatory boil water order.

The most outages are in Florida, where nearly 3.8 million accounts don’t have power — around 36 percent of the state’s total, according to state agency FloridaDisaster.org.

As of Wednesday morning, Florida Power and Light said1.9 million of its customers were still without electricity, having restored service to 2.5 million out of 4.4 customers impacted by Irma.                                                                            Continue reading

Myanmar faces mounting pressure over Rohingya refugee exodus

Image result for Bangladesh. Myanmar

Pressure mounted on Myanmar on Tuesday to end violence that has sent more than 300,000 Muslims fleeing to Bangladesh, with the United States calling for the protection of civilians and Bangladesh seeking international help to handle the crisis.

The government of Buddhist-majority Myanmar says its security forces are fighting “terrorists” behind the latest wave of attacks, which began on Aug. 25, and they are doing all they can to avoid harming civilians.

The top U.N. human rights official denounced Myanmar on Monday for conducting a “cruel military operation” against Rohingya Muslims in the west Myanmar state of Rakhine, branding it “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing”.

The United States said the violent displacement of Rohingya Muslims showed Myanmar’s security forces were not protecting civilians. Washington has been a staunch supporter of Myanmar’s transition from decades of harsh military rule that is being led by Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.                                                   Continue reading

Supreme Court allows broad enforcement of travel ban — at least for a day

U.S. officials can at least temporarily continue to block refugees with formal assurances from resettlement agencies from entering the United States after the Supreme Court intervened again Monday to save a piece of President Trump’s travel ban.

Responding to an emergency request from the Justice Department, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy stopped an earlier federal appeals court ruling that had allowed refugees with a formal assurance to enter the country.

Kennedy, who handles cases on an emergency basis from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, ordered those suing over the ban to respond by noon Tuesday, and he indicated that the appeals court ruling in their favor would be stayed “pending receipt” of their response.

The Supreme Court’s decision came not long after the Justice Department asked the justices to act. That filing, by Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Wall, demonstrated the lengths to which the government is willing to go to impose its desired version of the ban, even before the high court takes up in earnest next month whether the measure is lawful at its core. At issue is whether the president can block a group of about 24,000 refugees with assurances from entering the United States after the Supreme Court decided in June to permit a limited version of his travel ban to take effect. Continue reading