“Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking, we can get on with creating the future as anxiety remains the maiden of creativity”
The Nigerian Students and Youth Corpers Discount Card as introduced by The Bridge Concept Nig. Ltd. to National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, is a systemic support system that will create an opportunity for Nigerian Students to maximize their little available resources to accomplish more, which will help in promoting the well being of students who are mostly challenged.
The scheme will work by providing discount for students on transactions, purchase, travelling, etc in any part of the country within the scope of numerous corporate partners. The accessibility to the benefit is an individual voluntary students mastercard that does not require recharge or renewal as long as you are a students.
The interaction between the leadership of NANS and The Bridge concept on 8th December 2015 at Crystal Hall, Chelsea Hotel, Wuse II Abuja; revealed that the scheme is philanthropic and a replicate of what students enjoy in other advance countries like US, UK, Kenya, etc, which the opportunity will be extended to all campuses and rural communities through Students Union leaders.

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Why all students should sign up for the Nigerian Students Youth Corpers Discount Card ? #nsycdc @nsycdc

  • As a student, funds are limited and expenses are big. And when your capacity to earn money is limited by your ambition to get a good degree, you need to maximise all the savings available to you. One of the wonderful perks of being a student is that businesses are throwing discounts at you all the time. You are a prime marketing audience, now and in the future. Because of that, businesses want to engage with you and buy your brand loyalty early on. That’s fantastic news for your wallet.
    Theres no student discount schemes around, but with The NSYCDC comprehensive discount scheme is packed with benefits as the Student Advantage Card.
    So, what are the benefits of the Student Advantage Card and what makes it better than the other schemes available? Read on to find out.
  •  Launched in 2015 the NSYCDC Card team have teamed up with thousands of businesses to bring you the kind of discounts worth signing up for. It is the number one alternative student discount card in the Nigeria
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Task Force arrests suspects over oil pipe blasts, Niger Delta

Photo credit Informationng

The Joint Military Task Force a.k.a. Operation Pulo Shield, protecting oil facilities in Niger Delta, says it has arrested suspected vandals behind recent bombing of line pipes in the region.


Ado said in the statement that the suspects, who are in custody, were being interrogated to ascertain their degree of involvement and to help in arresting others.

The statement said patrols in the region had been intensified to ensure that all the suspected militants behind the line pipes sabotage were brought to book.

operation Pulo Shield remains determined to track and arrest perpetrators of the recent multiple attacks and bombing of some oil pipes and installations across Niger Delta Region.      Continue reading

Nigeria’s supercar sellers hit by economic slow-down

porsche factory in germany

Nigeria’s wealthy elite would be hard pushed to find a clear road in this traffic-clogged city that would allow them to floor the pedal and get anywhere near approaching top speed.

But now sales of luxury sports cars have slumped as Africa’s biggest economy and largest oil producer is battered by the fall in global crude prices.

A Porsche showroom in Lagos is full of top-of-the-range models selling from $100,000 (£70,000) and upwards.

In the good times, high-spending Nigerians would roll into the garage with fat wallets and drive out in a Porsche – now the showroom is deserted.

The managing director, Parvin Singh, told me that sales were down 50% last year compared to 2014. He blames the crash on the crude oil crisis.

While gas and oil sales only account for around 15% of the country’s GDP – “Nigeria is not Saudi Arabia,” as one analyst put it to me – the industry has a disproportionate effect on the economy as a whole.      Continue reading


James Ibori, the former Delta state governor was earlier today released from from a London prison after completing his jail term.

He finished his prison term at Her Majesty’s Prison in Bedford, outside of London, after initially being held at the Long Lartin Prison in Worcestershire. The ex-governor, was handed a 13-year jail term in April 2012 by a Southwark Crown court in London and was released by prison authorities on January 22.

A prison source at Bedford confirmed on Tuesday night that, “He is out of here.” but his new destination is yet to be confirmed.       Continue reading

Cities with largest influx of migrants say they’ve suffered a huge drop in living standards, European Commission study finds

Migrants walk near Ayvacik, Turkey, before travelling to Greek island of Lesbos as they make their way into Europe. European cities in countries hardest hit by the migrant crisis say the arrival of foreigners has had a negative impact on their communities, according to a new survey

European cities in countries hardest hit by the migrant crisis say the arrival of foreigners has had a negative impact on their communities, according to a new survey.

A wide-ranging study by the European Commission in 83 cities analysed people’s quality of life by asking them to rate factors from education, housing, happiness and the impact of migration.

When asked whether foreigners have been well integrated, less than half of respondents agreed in 33 cities – around 40 per cent of the places surveyed.

The highest levels of discontent were found in Athens (76%), Greater Athens (75%), Malmo (65%), Roma (64%) and Istanbul (64%). +4    Continue reading

Teen girl admits she made up migrant rape claim which outraged Germany

A 13-year-old German girl who claimed she had been kidnapped and raped by migrants made up the entire story, police have said.

The girl, only known as Lisa F, told police she had been taken from a suburb in east Berlin and held captive for 30 hours by ‘foreign-looking’ men who raped her, the Guardian reports..
The parents of the teenager reported her missing on 11 January after she failed to appear at school in the Marzahn district of the capital. She reappeared 30 hours later with injuries on her face, and told her parents she had been attacked by men of Middle Eastern or north African appearance. News of the incident spread on social media, sparking outrage among Berlin’s Russian-German community.       Continue reading