Anambra State and Security Ping Pong

It beats me horror ,it makes me wonder and it baffles me that ,despite all the huge fund the Governor of Anambra state Chief Willie is investing in the security of the state ,which brought

together ,the Army, Navy, DSS and the Police.

They started well by cleaning the state of the criminals hovering at Onitsha and the environs, they did well by closing all the Marijuana smoking joints, they did well by sanitizing the state but the events of this past week is something I cannot place nor understand at all.

On Wednesday ,Sun Newspaper front page reported a huge Kidnapping in Anambra state ,then on Thursday ,kidnappers kidnapped at 5 different places ,one among the kidnapped is the wife to the junior brother of CHIEF BISHOP EMMANUEL OKONKWO ,ODENIGBO 1 OF ICHI ,CEO EKULO GROUP OF COMPAINES LTD.

Now the baffling questions is, does it mean that the combined effort of this 4 security arms are not good enough?,if they are finding difficult to work as a team and achieve the expected result ,then they should be separated for better result.

I was encouraged to note that the Governor took same drastic measure which Former Gov obi stated while in office ,when he demolished the Den of Kidnappers from Oraifite to HOTEL at Onitsha, Akpokue dike took such decision by starting from his own town ,where he demolished a GIGANTIC edifice that cost over 15 million Naira to build. That shows that he is ready to wrestle this menace to the canvass, but I pray that the security should try and justify the money he is spending on them and also the confidence that the state reposed on them.

Kidnapping is very bad for any state business, it should be treated like epidemic and the security forces should join hand and eradicate it from the state.

In a situation that the conventional securities are finding it hard to tackle, I employ the Governor to bring in the dreaded AGULERI VIGILANTE boys to hunt and cleanse the state from the hand of these kidnappers.


By Mazi Odera


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