Kidnapped Schoolgirls: Boko Haram ‘Prepared to Begin Release of Up to Half of the Girls’

 TelegraphUK and according to them, sources close to , in an exclusive chat, told them has dropped demands for its top commanders to be released in talks with the Nigerian government and is to start releasing up to half its in coming days,

The militant Islamist group, which kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls a month ago, is willing to conduct a “gradual” of its hostages in return for the of Boko Haram prisoners in Nigerian jails, it was claimed.

In a significant concession, the grou p has abandoned demands for its top commanders to be released, seemingly aware that this would be politically impossible for the Nigerian government.

The Telegraph first reported details of Boko Haram’s offer of an imminent prisoner exchange last Tuesday, when sources close to to some of the militants’ families said that a senior Islamic cleric from northern Nigeria would be appointed to mediate on its behalf with the government.

The cleric has since been joined by a former aide to one of the group’s founders. Neither man has been named, possibly for their own safety. While the Nigerian government has insisted that it is not willing to enter prisoner swap negotiations, the source claimed that dialogue had already been going in secret for several days.
The source said:

“Contrary to the public rejection of any swap deal by the Nigerian government, there are some on-the-ground talks taking place. An agreement was reached about two or three days ago in principle to start releasing some prisoners.”


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