‘Without Foreign Help, Nigeria Can’t Beat Boko Haram’ – Security Source Reveals

An unnamed senior Nigerian security source has said Nigeria’s security forces lack the capability of defeating Boko Haram.

Speaking on Friday, May 23, the security source who is based in Maiduguri said Nigeria needed Foreign help beyond the Chibok mission, as the country cannot wipe out terrorism on its own.

He explained that Nigeria had no other choice but to accept the help being rendered by Foreign nations to curb insurgency in the nation, adding that the priority would be to rescue the girls and get them safely home, after which they can go after the Boko Haram sect.

According to the source, the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls by Boko Haram in Chibok community, Borno, has exposed the country’s incapacity to deal with the Islamist uprising which has been raging on for years.

We have been playing the ostrich all this while, pretending we are on top of the situation.

“The Chibok kidnap has exposed our nakedness. It has exposed how porous we are. It has clearly shown that we don’t have the wherewithal to deal with this insurgency that has raged on for five years now,” he said.

It’s been over a month since over 200 girls were kidnapped from their school during a night raid in Borno which has turned into a global issue.

President Jonathan has accepted help from various foreign countries though some people are against this move.

Also African leaders have come together to support the fight against terrorism. The presidents of Chad and Cameroon met yesterday to fine-tune plans on how to combat Boko Haram which has spread its tentacles from Nigeria to the neigbouring countries.

Meanwhile the US have said corruption is hindering the war against terrorism in the country.
READ MORE:  http://news.naij.com/66920.html


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