Women arrest Boko Haram fighters in Borno

Boko Haram









Some women in Gwoza town of Borno State are said to have arrested seven Boko Haram fighters who wrecked havoc in the town on Sunday.
Shortly after their arrest, angry youth and vigilantes in the town rallied and lynched them, residents and witnesses said.
Some residents who spoke to Daily Trust attributed the daring arrest by the women to mystical powers.
Sources in Gwoza said many insurgents had earlier in the day intercepted a vehicle loaded with bread, slaughtered four of the occupants and drove the vehicle towards Sambisa Forest.
The vehicle, which was on its way to Polka from Gwoza, was attacked at Warabe village.
A witness from Gwoza, who did not want his name mentioned, said: “After seizing the vehicle conveying the bread and other valuables in Gwoza and neighboring villages, some of the insurgents moved towards the Sambisa (Forest) and met some women on the way.
“The insurgents wanted to attack the women but their guns did not work. They tried hitting them with the boot of their guns but mysteriously, all the hands of the insurgents hung until youth and vigilantes in the area mobilized and killed them.”
Mohammed Gava, the Chairman of local vigilantes in Borno State, confirmed the incident.
Giwa said: “When the gunmen were moving out of Gwoza, most people fled to safety but those women refused to flee. I think the insurgents were angry and wanted to attack them but met their waterloo.”
Daily Trust.


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