I woke up from a sweaty dreamless afternoon sleep (my first in a longtime… we’re talking 5months or more) or should I call it a nap? I’ve always envied people that took afternoon naps (or siesta as some would call it) so effortlessly, what was the secret to willing your body to sleep? Anyways, so I woke up pretty abruptly, I’m guessing kindda like how Samuel in the bible did when he heard the lord call his name. In my own case, there was no name calling by any supernatural power even though I would give anything to be in Samuels shoes…
I picture myself knelling before the lord and answering “Speak lord, your servant is listening”
And he would respond “Get up Toju! As na only you waka come, I shall make you rich, so rich that your name will be known everywhere”
And I shall ask gleefully  ”How…

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