17 Year Old High School Student Omotayo Adeoye, Kills Herself After Caught Cheating On Exam


Omotayo Adeoye, a bright student at a top high school in New York was humiliated in front of her classmates for cheating on a test — she was so ashamed that she jumped to her death in the Hudson River after being caught. The incident happened last Thursday 29th May 2014.
According to the NY Post, the 17 year old  wrote a suicide note  on her German-language exam that read, “I just want to go away forever on the bottom of the river,” law-enforcement sources said.

Divers were still searching Friday night for the biology whiz in the waters off Washington Heights, where she jumped.
The promising student was caught peeking at her cellphone during the German test at the Harlem High School for Math, Science and Engineering, which is affiliated with the City College of New York. Her teacher, Eva Malikova, “was walking around the room and saw [Adeoye] on her phone,” a male classmate said.


“She snatched it away from her and started screaming at her, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t be cheating! You guys shouldn’t be cheating! You guys are lying to yourselves!’”

Adeoye burst into tears, sobbing, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Oh, you are not really sorry,” Malikova allegedly snapped back. “That’s not a sincere apology!”

At around 2:15 p.m. after the test, a distraught Adeoye wrote her desperate suicide note on the test, then asked to use the bathroom. She never returned — instead she walked all the way to the nearby Hudson river. Shocked fishermen watched helplessly as she placed her ID on the edge of the river before jumping in.

Adeoye’s father told cops that she can’t swim, she ignored the cries from the nearby fishermen who said she appeared to be forcing herself down.

Adeoye’s mother stated, “She was a good girl, but I can’t talk about it,” she said.



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