Olobayo Abraham Babatunde aka KEFCHILD as his popularly called is one of the new school musical talent with a unique voice and how he delivers on every song,his new single oluwa is a blend from your conventional circular stereotypical song to a more acceptable feel good music,his versatility and wordplay in his mother tongue orchestrated the fresh-new vibes and new sounds.

DJ magic fingers (ray-power Abuja) in his review described oluwa as smashing  ground breaking joyous song that has longevity,and will cut across all genders tribe and race if properly promoted (4 stars)kefchild is a graduate of IUO and he his from a royal family, from the okun part of Kogi State. he has been underground for a while trying to break into the very competitive Nigeria music industry,  here with a big one “OLUWA” a sensational, melodious, groovy ever green club  banger, Oluwa is a positive song that suits all age group and can be rocked anywhere be it a religious gathering or a club,no doubt, Enjoy this lovely beautiful song Oluwa and drop your comment.

Twitter Handle: @kefchild
Instagram: @kefchild


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