Security distress as two strange uniformed men visit Mbaka’s residence

Security distress as two strange uniformed men visit Mbaka’s residence

A mild episode played out yesterday at the residence of the controversial Enugu-based Catholic priest, Rev. fr. Ejike Mbaka.

Shortly before mid day, two men dressed in Nigerian Army uniform arrived the premises in a tricycle popularly known as Keke NAPEP. As soon as the tricycle stopped they jumped down in a commando fashion, headed straight towards the gate of the residence and demanded to see the priest.

Approaching the gateman in an aggressive manner, they demaded to see the priest, stating that they needed his blessing and prayer. Asked by the gateman to expain their mission further, they said that a batch of the 82 Division of the Nigerian Army Enugu had been sent on a mission to Sokoto. Afraid for their lives and safety, they said, they decided to seek God’s blessing through Fr. Mbaka. The gateman, who stood stupefied for a while, decided to act along.

Moving a bit away from the gate, he beckoned on the 2 soldiers to follow him, saying in a very placating voice that Mbaka does not live there. At this, they made some signs to each other.

After a few minutes of moving forth and back, they matched out of the residence in a different direction looking back as they moved away.


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