Bees Kill Mother And Son In Delta State

People of Ogwashi-Uku community near Asaba, Delta State, were under shock after a woman in her mid 50s and her teenage son were allegedly stung to death by strange bees.

The sad incident happened on Saturday, when the deceased woman, a vice principal in one of the secondary schools in Agbor, was said to have gone on sightseeing with her son and a female friend of hers, to the state-owned polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku.

It was gathered that she had driven her son and her female friend to the Fine and Applied Art Department area located within the permanent site of the polytechnic to see the development going on in the institution when they were allegedly attacked by the wild bees.

According to report, the wild bees came from nowhere and allegedly attacked the boy. He fell to the ground and was covered by the rampaging bees.  His mother rushed to save the little boy but the bees instantly diverted to her, covering all parts of her body so much so that no part of her body was left. The victim’s friend who witnessed the incident was said to have raised the alarm that attracted both the security people and the men of the state-owned fire service posted to the institution but their effort to reduce the effect of the sting, as they used a liquid substance on the victims, were abortive.

Both mother and son died in the incident.


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