“The Danger of having One Talent”.

Message: 21 Day Prayer and Fasting: Day 13. “The Danger of having One Talent”.

Preacher: Pastor Wale Afelumo (Resident Pastor, FWC)

References: Matthew 25:14-30

Talents in this message will refer to gifts, ability to do something and be good at it; opportunities you are presented with in life; life changing ideas God has given to us.

God will not leave Himself without a witness. Acts 14:17

He has given everyone Talents; to some

“…he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability…” Matthew 25:15


A 5-Talent person will be someone born into a rich family, has good connections, born with natural intelligence. He is well exposed. Everything is working out for him.

A 1-Talent person on the other hand has no proud family background, did not go to a good school, or perhaps did not finish school. He has no natural intelligence; not well travelled.

What separates the 5-Talent and the 1-Talent persons is the mindset. Here is the comparison:

5-TALENTS MINDSET                                                            1-TALENT MINDSET

Productivity/Efficiency                                                             Inactivity/Unproductivity

Awake to & Improving Opportunities                                        Blind to Opportunities

Creative                                                                                Unimaginative

Venturing (Risk taker)                                                             Plays it safe

Profit (business minded)                                                         Loss (not business minded)

Worker                                                                                  Idler

Trader                                                                                   User/Consumer

Enhancer                                                                               Destroyer

As a 1-Talent person, you can change your story. The danger of not changing your situation can lead to these temptations.

1. Temptation To Despise What You Have: I Timothy 4:12.

You will begin to despise the Talent God has given to you; and this will hinder your progress. Don’t despise what you have right now; don’t lose focus that you have something you think you can’t start with now. Don’t think the talent God has given to you cannot take you to your next level.


2. Temptation Of Comparison And Envy: 2 Corinthians 10:12.

Someone with 1-Talent will begin to compare himself with others. If you compare yourself with another you are being foolish.

3. Temptation Of Bitterness:  Isaiah 40:27

A 1-Talent person will say in his heart ‘God loves others more than He loves me’.

4. Temptation Of Idleness And Mediocrity: Proverbs12:24

People with 1-Talent often find themselves in a state of Idleness, because they think the single talent cannot give them progress. The truth is, they are not really idle, they are just doing what is not productive.

5. Temptation Of Lack Of Productivity

When you neglect your talent, it leads to unproductivity. This can lead to stagnation. The servant in Matthew 25:14-30  was unproductive because he thought his 1 talent would not yield him much.

Brethren, you have no excuse to be jobless. Your one talent can get you out of joblessness; don’t complain about it, make it productive.

Note: Many talents does not guarantee progress, it is the mindset that matters. If you are1-Talent, but have 5-talent mindset, you will succeed.

Your one talent can take you to your next level. Whatever God has given to you has the capacity to grow.

Don’t give up on your gifts. Don’t give up on your training.

Don’t bury your talents. USE THEM.

These Questions will help you renew your mindset:

1. What talent/talents have I been given?

2. Why are talents given?

3. Have I developed them?

4. Which or, how many have I developed?

5. How many of them/which of them have I ‘buried’ in the ground?

6. Which of them can make me known?

7. Which of them can impact lives and profit God’s kingdom?

8. Which of them can be converted to income generation?

9. What have I done or am I doing to hone them or ‘cook’ them?

10. Will Jesus commend me as profitable or condemn me as wicked?

11. Am I in a place where I can deploy them?

12. Am I with the people who need them, who will be glad to ‘pay’ to have them?

13. Is it possible that in deploying these talents, I can ‘gain’ more talents and have I gained more talents?

Prayer Points:

1. Thank God for the talent He has given you; for not sending you to this world empty.

2. Pray for God to forgive you for not making use of the talent given to you.

3. Pray that God will transform your mindset to see opportunities. Rom. 12:2

4. Pray to grow the Talent God has given to you; the big is in the small.

5. Remove every limitations you have placed upon yourself.

6. Throw off the spirit of laziness. Gen. 49:14-15

7. Speak over yourself; that great things shall be spoken over you.


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