Buhari’s Past Haunt As Lagos Youths Protest [See Photos]


A group of youths under the platform of Patriotic Vanguard today staged a protest against General Muhammadu Buhari, the Presidential candidate of the All Progressive congress.

The youths are protesting what they term Buhari’s anti-democratic tendencies citing the extra-judicial killings of Bernard Ogedengbe, 29, Lawal Ojuolape, 30, Bathrolomeo Owoh, 26, over a retro-active drug law in 1984 when Buhari was head of state.

The youths are also protesting Buhari’s failure to show evidence of his academic qualifications which they described as a big question mark on his integrity.

The youths call on genuine Nigerians to demand from INEC prove of his academic qualification to be stand for the February 14 presidential election.

Patriotic Vanguard is also demanding that the APC and Gen. Buhari should furnish Nigerians with details of donors to the presidential campaign fund because it is evident that the APC is spending as much money as the PDP which generated 21 billion naira in his campaign.

See More Photos Below:-


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