Married Man Caught Having Hot Office Sex With Engaged Colleague

An alleged married man and his female colleague said to be engaged were filmed making out on Friday, January 30, 2015.

The duo are currently facing some difficulties trying to come to terms with the damage to their reputation caused by the footage which went viral over the weekend.

It was learnt that the woman had gone as far as deactivating her Facebook account to save herself from the shame.

The colleagues both work at Marsh insurance firm, based in Christchurch in New Zealand.


The unidentified couple failed to show up for work today, Tuesday February 3, 2015.

According to Mirror UK, some people at a bar across the street first saw the couple kissing, but then it all got a little more x-rated.

They obviously forgot to turn out the lights as they were seriously engulfed in the romance which attracted the attention of some drinkers who filmed the couple right in the act.

Sex romp3


A source among the onlookers from Carlton Bar and Eatery said that it went on for half an hour, with everyone gathering to enjoy the unexpected romance.

A witness said, “The entire bar united in cheering them on.

“It started with a casual flirt. Then the kiss, grabbing the attention of all.

“Finally they moved to the back of the room, thinking they were unseen.

“Off comes the tights, down goes his head.

“By this stage, 50 bar patrons were pressed up against the window yelling their approval.

“To be honest, after watching them fuck for a good half hour, people started to get bored and drift off back to the dance floor.”


Funny enough, when the couple were done, the band at the bar played a tongue-in-cheek rendition of the King’s of Leon hit ‘Sex on Fire’.

One of the witnesses at the bar, Leah Bates, 25, said, “We looked out the window and it was all go. Everyone in the whole place was watching.

“They had absolutely no idea – it was brilliant.

“We went upstairs and watched from the balcony, and everyone was cheering, especially when he dropped her on the floor – twice.

“Everyone just lost it.

“They turned and faced the window and everyone was cheering and waving but they obviously couldn’t see us. It was pretty funny, a bit of a show for the night.

“Everyone was pretty impressed with how long he lasted. He went for ages.”

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Grant Milne declined making comments on whether the duo had been suspended from work or not.

Though he categorically stated that the matter was treated with every sense of seriousness.


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