‘My mom never wanted me to play football’ – Brown Ideye…

The Baggies striker left his home at 16 to pursue a career in football against his mother’s wishes

{The Baggies striker left his home to pursue a career in football against his mother’s wishes. Photo: Graham Chadwick} Super Eagles of Nigeria and West Brom striker, Brown Ideye has revealed his mother almost stopped him from achieving his dreams of becoming a footballer. The former Dynamo Kyiv star, who started playing football at a tender age, was always spotted playing soccer with notorious friends in the street of Lagos but got barred from playing at the age of 14 by his mom. Ideye said he was taken to his aunty’s  home eight hours away from their home with his mother fearing he could get caught up with a criminal gang. In a recent interview with Daily Mail, the football star narrated the incident saying: ‘My mum stopped me going out with them. She was upset. Each time I told her I wanted to play football she would say, ‘No you’re going to be with your friends.’ ‘She didn’t accept. That’s how I left. I went to Bayelsa State then Ocean Boys. Then bam, bam, bam.’ But with his quest to succeed never wavering, Ideye went extra miles to start his football career with Ocean Boys in Bayelsa and was lucky to later travel abroad to kick-start his professional career. ‘When I got the contract in Switzerland I went back home, sat with my family and had breakfast, dinner, lunch, everyone happy.Afterwards she called me into her room and said, I’m sorry about everything, your dad is late and I am the only person who can guide you.’…


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