Police arrest Gen Sejusa

The former coordinator of Intelligence Services General David Sejusa has been arrested and detained at Jinja road Police station.
Police is still tight lipped on why the general was arrested.

However, Gen Sejusa was early this (Friday) morning seen at Centenary Bank, Mapeera House branch where he had reportedly gone to carry out some transactions.
His presence caused excitement among the boda boda cyclists around but he quickly entered his car, waved to the crowd that had started gathering around him and drove off.

Some of the boda boda cyclists told this reporter that they expected the general to give them some money but were disappointed when he simply entered his car and drove off without leaving them anything.
Shortly after his bank transactions, there was a confrontation between the general and police along Jinja road before his arrest.
The general’s Benz was seen parked in the parking lot Jinja road police station.

Gen Sejusa’s political assistant, Moses Bigirwa was also arrested. Kampala South Regional Police Commander, Sirajje Bakaleke ordered for the arrest of Mr Bigirwa after he was seen addressing the media at Jinja road police station about his boss’ arrest.


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