Ugborodo crisis: Itsekiri group warns principal actors

WARRI—IWERE Development Association, IDA, an Itsekiri interest group, has warned key actors in the conflict rocking the oil-rich Ugborodo community in Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta State to amicably resolve the matter or face the wrath of the Itsekiri people.

In a statement in Warri, yesterday, by its acting President, Mr. Ogbe Eke, the group warned that those who do not want peace restored in Ugborodo should reconsider their actions and interests.
It noted that some persons were taking undue advantage of the situation and fuelling the crisis, promising to react to same at the appropriate time.

“We believe that irrespective of the extent to which the politics of leadership succession in Ugborodo community has degenerated, it can still be amicably resolved,” it said
On the crisis rocking the Itsekiri National Youth Council, IDA  said it supports the David Tonwe leadership, noting that there was no vacuum in the youth body.

It urged those involved in the genuine resolution of the crisis to change their strategy and look at its root causes and explore all options in resolving the crisis.
It also warned those who are cleverly positioned to take undue advantage of the crisis in order to fan the embers of war and to insult constituted authorities/elders to have a rethink.”


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