Rev. Ejika Mbaka tries to redeem his image after his failed support for Buhari

“You are calling them militants today because they are fighting FOR their oil, tomorrow, they may rejoice. Our God is a God OF Justice. You go and carry their oil and call it National Wealth, why can’t your cows and tomatoes be national cow and tomato?

If you go to the core Niger Delta areas, that place smells like death. Why can’t the Government give scholarships to all the children born in that area? You deceive them with amnesty. What is amnesty? Those who own oil wells, what qualifies them to do so?

“Let us go on our knees for the people of Niger Delta. We are going to pray for them, I don’t want to hear that they betrayed us during the Biafran war… I heard that Boko Haram wants to bomb Lagos, Enugu, Port-Harcourt and Ibadan. What is the government planning to do about it? They are keeping quiet because it is a southern area. What have the security agents done to avert this message from Boko Haram?

f we are going to to be one NIGERIA, let us be one Nigeria, if we are not going to be one Nigeria, let us divide!! Let me say it again before you misquote me. If you like, you can come and arrest me. When you arrest me,
the hosts of the most high God whom I serve will arrest you. If we are going to be one Nigeria, let us be one Nigeria, if you are not ready for us to be one Nigeria, let us do what…? (Membersshout, “Divide”)
Let us do what…? ”
Another thunderous chorus of” Divide”

Naija Propa's photo.

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