Popular musician, Enetimi Alfred Odom popularly known as Timaya is at the centre of a scandal that is gradually going out of control.He is accused of rape by an American based lady, Sheilla B

The victim claim Timaya forcefully had carnal knowledge of her- in an hotel in Atlanta, USA.

According to the lady’s post on social networking site, Instagram, she revealed thus

“I am a victim of sexual assault. But I have a heart. And the only reason Timaya was able to leave Atlanta is because of those two innocent kids he has.

Timaya you make me sick and the worst part is still not over. You don’t deserve to have fans “the lady fumes.

She further said “I never expected it from someone I considered a friend of a year. Now I see he was nothing but a beast, a Vulture. My pain is now anger.

If anything happens to me, you know who did it. One minute you’re apologetic to me and the next minute you’re threatening me which one is it; I cannot be silent. I rather die for the truth than live for a lie.

Timaya you can continue to threaten my life but I will speak the truth “the American based lady squealed.

But the musician insists it is a case of set up, that she is his lover and sex between them was consensual

According to Timaya “ I have been talking with this girl for about one year and it’s funny how someone you think you know can act very hungry and low. How can I leave Nigeria and go to America where the law works to rape anyone? Am I crazy? Timaya fumes.

He further said “This girl who had been promising to blow out my brains with sex when she sees me begged to see me when she knew I was in town but I didn’t know that she had a hidden agenda. I agreed to see her and she came to my hotel in Atlanta and we got down for real. When we were done and we were chilling, I got a call from my manager that we needed to start preparing for a show. She asked to go with me to the show as a couple but I said no and told her I was there to work. “ Timaya squealed


On Saturday, July 25, 2015, the Nigerian entertainment scene woke up to the news that a woman named Shella B accused singer Timaya of raping her in Atlanta, U.S.A.

Later in the day, Timaya denied raping the women and stated that sex was consensual. In a strange the woman Shella B released her music single on the same day, hours after saying Timaya raped her.

playShella B, who accused Timaya of rape (Linda Ikeji)

On Sunday, July 26, 2015 Timaya’s baby mama Barbararesponded to the claims with a religious caption below a picture of her first daughter Emma that she shared.

playBarbara before giving birth (Instagram )

Even when the devil tries to steal my happiness your smiles sunshine makes life more beautiful…..Happy Sunday ya all?” she wrote in the caption.



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