Martins Socrates Olamiji's photo.

He was born few kilometres from where the Niger met the Benue. As a kid; the confluence was his place of play. He drank from the Niger and bathed in the Benue. I speak of a renowned Geologist; a banking guru and an accomplished oil and gas czar. I speak of Mr Edward Onoja the trojan Nigerian.

It was not the best of time for me at all when I met him. But I blessed God I did meet him.

The call came from my sister to meet her at Kuje Juncture in Gwagwalada Abuja some eight years ago. I heeded the call and lo! I met this gentleman with a cool mien. He was behind the wheel and spoke softly. The aura sorrounding him was so great I considered it a rare privilege meeting him. Speaking with the then GTBank Manager of Lokoja was a feat. I cherished it.

His words were few. He told me with a candour mixed with prophesy. He gave me a target to find my way into the prestigious Faculty of Law Abuja and made a promise to back it up. I met his target and he made good his promise. I speak of an Oil czar: Happy birthday Mr. Edward Onoja.

Fola Adeola’s right hand man is a man who passionately loves his country going by his antecedents. It is not his problem whether or not your ox is gored so far the template of development is manifestly seen to be on rampage. A dogged political analyst and a consummate change agent; I was least surprised he gave a shot at the Kogi State House of Assembly elections few years ago. His friend is now a Kogi guber aspirant. Such is his love for good governance.

Martins Socrates Olamiji's photo.

Happy birthday Mr Edward Onoja.

Though we share divergent views on party politics and participation of individuals in politics; Mr. Onoja’s political and fatherly opinion are not what kids like me can do without. That is the stubborn fact! Happy birthday Mr Edward Onoja.

Sir; your stubborn boy has chosen this political path because you once told him to get himself involved in the process of governance as an egghead and not just criticize. He has heeded your clarion call by starting this way. And in this spirits and the spirits of my fellow compatriots on this thread; I wish you the best of good sir. May you not stumble on political shenanigans on the way to Kogi 2016. May apparatchicks and jobbers be far from your camp now and forever. May the highest numbers of thumbprints speak in your favour in the Confluence Land. May God be with you in person. Happy birthday Mr Edward Onoja.

My warmest regards to Alhaji ‘Fairplus’ Yahaya Bello sir.

Many Happy Returns Boss!


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