Kaffy storms Abuja

It’s never too late to dance to something new ,Work Out with Best, Invest in your Health Because your  body wellness connotes your physical stability & mental ability .
After a successful Dance Camp, Kaffy is not stopping at reaching out to her fans and lovers of dance and dance fitness. She brings two packages to Abuja from the 20th to 22nd of August. Dance Workshop for 3 days 12noon to 3pm. Fee:5000 which will be paid at venue.

Ijoda DanceBurnOut classes. Thursday and Friday 6pm to 8pm nd Saturday 8am to 10am Class Fee:2,500 each class. Venue:Body Rox Studio Silverbird Galleria Abuja. Payment will be made at the venue.

The DANCE WORKSHOP will take you through a variety of amazing dance styles and our DANCE CLASSES are designed for kids, teenagers and adults who are ready for a new dance steps.

The DANCE WORKSHOP is a place for those that love dancing to network, celebrate and experience dance on another level whether as a brand new beginner or as a seasoned dancer.


  • ·       Improve your body conditioning
  • ·       Improve your adaptation to choreography
  • ·       Educate you on dance business and ethics

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