Unforgettable that’s what you are…As a devout Muslim, we all believe you died when your time was due. There was no any Jupiter that could have prevented your death exactly 5 months ago (April 18-Sep 18). Lt Col A. Garba…a true friend, a blood brother, a companion, a confidante, a loyal officer that really fought real hard to keep rid of oil bunkering in Niger-Delta while he held sway at David Ejoor Barracks Warri as the provost Marshal & as a result men of the underworld attacked & shot you 6 years ago, but Allah destined you more days on earth…you had a successful surgery & thus you kept on with what you believed…for loyalty & valour. As a regular 49 course of NDA-you won laurels, at Nagari college you graduated top of your class, at Polytechnic Staff primary School, you were our school Imam & as such you islamically combined the academics…   

On April 18th 2015 around 06:15hrs, our brother Abubakar Idris called & told me that you left Kaduna the previous day but still incommunicado, we prayed for your safety but few hours later we found out that you had passed on gallantly via automobile accident as your vehicle went on flames & you peacefully died as a SHAHEED insha ALLAH.

ALLAH ya gafarta maka da Rahamarsa AMIN. We’d surely keep on praying for you anyday, anytime…



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