$126,000 bonus owed to U-23 players will be paid before Saturday, Nigerian Ambassador to Senegal promises

Nigeria ambassador to Senegal and Mauritania, Katyen Jackden, has promised players of the Dream Team VI coached by Samson Siasia that they will be paid the $126,000 bonus owed to them on or before Saturday,urging them to shun their strike knowing that the president and their families are counting on them.

The players had earlier threatened to boycott the final that will take place on Saturday,but reports coming out of the camp indicate the boys are willing to renege on their stance.

“Since yesterday, the President has been in touch with me, same as the Minister for Sports, that I should tell you to be rest assured that your complaints have reached their table, and hopefully before Saturday you will get what is due you, ” Jackden said to thenff.com “I want to therefore use this opportunity to appeal to you to call of your strike, go back to training and win the trophy for the nation, Mr. President and your family, so far I want to say you all have been great ambassadors of the nation, and am proud of you all.”


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