Fugitive ‘gunman’ taunts police in Facebook live video after ‘shooting dead two relatives and injuring officers with AK-47’

Crazed gunman does a Facebook live

A gunman accused of shooting dead two of his relatives with an AK-47 taunted cops in a Facebook live video as he fled cops today.

Michael Vance allegedly shot one police officer in the foot and another in the legs after cops burst in on him at a house in Wellston, Oklahoma, at 6.30pm (local time) yesterday.

Police later discovered two of Vance’s relatives dead at his uncles house.

As Oklahoma Highway Patrol tried to contain him today they revealed he has HIV and “may try to spread disease.”

He had recently been released from the Lincoln County Jail after he was held on child sexual assault allegations.

While on the run he posted footage online showing blood smeared down one side of his face as he told someone called Jericho “I was coming for you.”
Crazed gunman does a Facebook live

He starts his tirade by saying: “Let me tell you it hurts, it sucks.

“Jerica you knew this would m********* happen, that I would get my guns and I would come and you’re just so lucky this went down this way.

“ I was coming for your m************ ass and that little boy you’re f****** too.

“This is more tense than I thought it was going to be to say the least.

Then as his car begins to falter, he says: “This truck is about dead. I need to to get out the road which I hope it does because I’m about to steal another car.


“This s*** is going to be intense.”

As the footage shakes all over the place he signs off with “Watch this people.”

In another video he shows his gun to the camera, before thanking his sister for believing him.

He then claims “this was all a set-up” before he says: “If you wanna know what happens next stay tuned to your local news.”

Crazed gunman does a Facebook live
Michael Vance showed off his gun as he filmed the video for Facebook live

The Lincoln County Sheriff said authorities were called to a report of shots fired yesterday at a home in Wellston and at the Flying J park near

When officers arrived at the scene, Vance approached them and started firing.

Vance and an alleged accomplice then stole a police car and drove to a nearby mobile home park where officers eventually arrested the second man.

But Vance got away when he carjacked a woman and shot at her.

He remains on the run today as police appeal for information on the suspect.


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