Why don’t we speak enough about Sickle Cell? Research shows that Nigeria has the largest cases of Sickle Cell in the world making up to 8% of infant mortality rates in the country. To put it plainly many children to do not live to see their 10th birthday, the genetic disorder occurs when persons containing sickle cell trait pass on their genes to their children leaving them susceptible to Anemia, delayed growth, frequent infections and strokes. Asides that there is a huge stigma attached to the disorder and we want to push back against that with the help of NGO Nirvana Initiative who specialise in educating people about Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) at our event- ‘End Sickle Cell in our Generation’.

Nirvana Initiative provides a safe haven for sickle cell individuals so they do not have to feel alone knowing they have a community there to pray with them, laugh and support them in all their endeavors. Nirvana Initiative will be providing free genotype testing for 200 people on the day 50 of which will be free. They will also provide free drugs for warriors (a term used to describe those living with sickle cell) finally there would be free counselling for those who feel it may be required.

We want everyone to feel included, so this event is not limited to warriors alone but those who want to support the movement. It is very rare to combine entertainment with charity but this is a challenge 4Sight Productions is willing to take on, the event will be held outdoors and you can look forward to  performances, fashion, comedy, exhibition stalls and a raffle draw; for refreshments there will be a  tantalizing BBQ grill and food court.

Details of the event are as follows:


VENUE- Ocean Crest School, TF Kuboye road Lekki, Lagos

DATE – November 19th 2016

TIME- 12- 6PM


It’s going to be a lively day so if you are a budding entrepreneur then hurry and book a stall now, for enquires contact: Dieko –08053537861 Michael –09078296333  or email us at 4sightentertainters@gmail.com


We hope to see you there! We have already started the campaign online with some of your favourite celebrities, so join us and help ‘End Sickle Cell in our Generation’ so that one day we can live in a world free of disease.


Contact details:


Website: www.4sightproductions.com


IG: @Nirvana_sci


Website: www.nirvanasci.com.ng

Project. They are #warriors not #sicklers Save a life Today


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