happy new year readers

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Let me state without ado, that, i am vigorously basking in the euphoria that is encapsulated in this yuletide, i vehemently and vividly aspire that you profusely cachinnate during and after this season such that every element of quagmire, conundrum, obloquy, opprobrium, vituperation, tirade and calumny are overtly exterminated, extirpated and transmogrified into a xanadu.Without sudating nor sudoring, let me say prestissimo that this season may forcibly deliver it’s gargantuan blessings to you. As it is evinced to my cerebrum.

Furthermore, i pray for a cornucopia of God’s blessings upon you and your household especially during this period of upheavals currently affecting our economy.
Henceforth people will not make a parody of you but shall be flabberwhelmed at the incessant splendor of your life. In my subtle manner. I wish you a grace-filed new year (2017) Dominos-vobiscum….


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