G&D Smart LED bulb is Nigeria’s first portable and multi-functional power & money saving bulb, it can serve the functionality of an LED bulb, a handheld flashlight, a camping light, an emergency lantern and a power inverter. According to the company, the LED bulb that could revolutionize the very concept of providing lighting, as it is made using 18 LEDs. This allows the LED bulb to give a total lumen output of 900, which is equivalent to a 75 – 100 watt incandescent bulb or conventional bulb.

G&D LED bulb has life span of 40,000 hours lifeline  and promises a saving of 10-15 per cent more on energy and cost. Speaking to the Chairman of G&D smart bulbs,the parent company of the G&D construction brand said, “We are very pleased to launch G&D Smart Board. This is one of our best innovations yet, owing to the freedom of mobility and multiple functionality it offers. We believe that this innovation will lift every corner of the world out of darkness, sustainable. This little wonder bulb can light the world. The simplicity of its usage makes the bulb even more appealing to the user.”

In addition to the energy and cost saving, the G&D SMART BULB is equipped with an advanced intelligent power monitoring circuit that detects the power supply in the grid. With this technology, the LED bulb will automatically switch between AC or DC power mode enabling the bulb to stay on even when the power is disconnected, solely being controlled by the regular wall switch.

This feature comes with no manual AC or DC switch on the bulb, or any remote or additional accessory to activate this function. The bulb comes with a fully automatic battery pack built-in, which powers it when the main electricity source is disconnected.

The bulb can be switched off and on as easily as you would operate when the power is switched on. The bulb can stay on in this mode for up to 3 to 4 nights depending on the hours of use or up to 25 hours in total. It gets fully charged in 3 hours once the power is back.

The G&D SMART BULBS comes with a converter, so it can be used anywhere in the world irrespective of the socket type, pin or screw. To use the G&D SMART BULBS as a portable light source, all you need to do is remove the bulb from its socket and attach the standalone activation dock to the base of the bulb which is yet another innovation by G&D SMART BULBS

This would allow the bulb to operate by itself without plugging it into any socket. This converts the bulb into a camping light, an emergency light, or even a flashlight. According to the company, by doing this, the company is adding tremendous value to the customer as the G&D SMART BULBS provides a large light source free from cables, electricity, and reduces the workforce required to setup an event, concerts or outdoor functions.


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