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The leadership of the INYC led by Comr. Weyinmi Agbateyiniro was informed yesterday by some indigenes and youth executive of Ifiekporo Community at about 5pm that some Naval Men just drove into the community and started shooting sporadically without any hitherto crisis or confusion in the community, hence the INYC immediately mobilized to the community.

On their way to the community the Army boss in charge of Warri South got the wind of the INYC mobilization and immediate led his men to meet with them on their way to Ifie and stopped the move in that force and anger the Council was going with.

The Army Boss begged the INYC that, it is unfortunate that what happened has happened and promised it wont happen again, hence he begged the Council to be calm and help in handling the situation rather than escalating it.    

Before the Army Boss spoke the President of the INYC Comr. Weyinmi Agbateyiniro in anger told the Military Boss and his men that the continuous shooting of Itsekiri youths by both the military and the police is one too many and won’t be tolerated any more. He went on to state that in communities where they do bunkering people are not being killed but in peaceful Itsekiri Community like Ifie killing of the youth is now like a leisure game to the Military and Nigerian Police. He said the council have no other choice than to respond because the life of every Itsekiri is important to the INYC.

The Army Boss pleaded with the Council to calm down and agreed to go with his Men and the INYC to the Community to see for themselves and get first hand information of what happened.

On getting to the Community by 6:54pm yesterday it was gathered that the Naval men shoot the Itsekiri Youth in a filling Station while shooting sporadically to extort money from tankers. The community wondered why the military have choosed to kill Ifie Indigenes for no just cause, even when there is nothing like oil bunkering or criminality in the whole of Ifie Community.

The Army Boss in response begged the community to please be calm that this kind of rubbish won’t happen again. He wondered what brought the Naval personnel to his domain without informing him, hence he called the NNS Delta Boss, where a meeting is slated for today between the INYC, Ifiekporo Community Youths and Trust Executives and the Injured boy Family.

The Army Boss promised the community that such act will not happen again and Thanked the INYC for their role thus far in handling youths Issues.

Comr. Amola (Gentle) the third Vice President of the Council then told the community to be calm because the INYC will follow The issue to its logical conclusion. He went on to urge all the indigenes and inhabitants of the community to go about their normal legitimate duties peacefully without fear as the council is to protect every Itsekiri and Iwere land.

The Struggle Continues.

Aja Mokin Aghan.

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