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This is Blessing Adugba Joseph….. I wept at the sight of her. The pains she goes through daily is unimaginable. On that faithful day,they brought in this patient,it took me strength to keep my cool. She kept crying and could hardly say anything. I suggested MRI(Brain) and CT-SCAN-BRAIN,but she came with a copy of both.
After going through her medical reports,I realised that this young lady has fought this for many years. Sometimes she can’t eat because of pains. This tumour disfigures her daily,leaving her with a disheartening look.     

This is a case of secondary metastatic deposits to the right parietal and left frontal lobes and orbit with secondary left eye proptosis. This tumour gets bigger by the day and all she requires is your help to get through this.
Chidinma Ubani was my first call of help. He connected me to Dr. Gopi(UAE). Dr. Gopi made all enquiries with the medical reports I sent. Now he connected me to Dr Somya Kapoor(INDIA). Arrangement is being made for her to start medical treatment. She needs over 14,000 USD,which is roughly 5million Naira to commence treatment.

I am calling on all Nigerians to help Blessing Joseph. I have over 4,000 friends here on Facebook. If all my friends can give blessing 1000 naira each,we’ll have 4million naira. Some can give more. If u don’t have anything to give, pls kindly share this until it gets to someone who can help her. My interest is only in her wellbeing.

Here’s her account details:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 5632059104

You can reach Blessing Joseph on phone: +2349096218404 or +2347038096487

Whatsapp video call: +2349096218404

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Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

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