Fake palm wine factory discovered in Anambra state

Fake palm wine factory discovered in Anambra state

We gathered that a factory where palm wine is being ‘manufactured’ was recently uncovered somewhere in Anambra state. If there is one reason why people love to drink palm wine instead of spirits and other factory-produced drinks, it’s because it is best drank fresh and straight from the source (the palm tree). Because of the natural state which it is usually tapped and sold in, the drink has several positive effects on the human body. A video has however emerged showing that the drink which so many people enjoy across Africa, was being compromised and may have endangered the health of the people who bought it within that area. The fake palm wine factory was discovered in Anambra state         

According to the video shared on Facebook by the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), some people decided to adulterate the drink before selling to their unsuspecting victims. The fake factory where the adulterated drinks were being manufactured, was reportedly uncovered in Umudioka village in Dunukofia local government area in Anambra state. The suspect, a woman, was said to be adding ash, bags of sugar, and water amongst other things, to the ‘palm wine’. See the video below: Na wa o! Meanwhile, see what Nigerians had to say about taking ‘soft drinks




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