Twitter has a field day after White House Chief of Staff’s body language betrays him during Trump’s bombastic speech to the UN

John Kelly did not appear to be enjoying President Trump's speech to the UN on Monday 

The photos of John Kelly’s exasperated reaction to President Donald Trump‘s speech to the UN today exploded on Twitter Tuesday.

The usually stoic White House Chief of Staff put his hand over his face as the president addressed the 193-nation body.

In addition to labeling Kim Jong-un ‘Rocket Man’ for threatening to used nukes, the commander in chief blasted ‘loser terrorists,’ the ‘corrupt’ government in Venezuela, and the ‘murderous’ Iranian regime, and ‘rogue regimes’.

Kelly couldn’t control his reaction and cupped his temple with his hand, similar to a Star Trek  meme as several pointed out on social media.

At another point, he put his elbows on his knees and pressed his face onto his clasped hands, looking like he was deeply contemplating his choices.

An editor of the Washington Examiner tweeted: ‘John Kelly apparently went through some sort of existential crisis during Trump’s UN speech.’

Some people thought Melania Trump was looking at the president in a bewildered manner 

It isn’t clear what the 67-year-old thought of the speech, but his facial cues indicated he was less than pleased.

People noted how several people sitting near John Kelly did not look particularly happy about President Trump's speech 

His reaction was similar to how he looked when Trump first said there were bad guys on ‘both sides’ of the Charlottesville riots, grouping together Neo-Nazis and protesters.

Kelly is seen as one of the more grounded and straight-laced figured in the Trump administration. The New York Times once labelled him a ‘beacon of discipline.’

He replaced the former chief of staff Reince Priebus in July.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was questioned about the speech and Kelly’s response on Fox and Friends Wednesday morning.

Sanders laughed off the chief of staff’s embarrassed demeanor – claiming that he was probably just tired.

She claimed that Kelly wasn’t reacting to the speech itself, and that, in fact, he was part fo the speech writig process.

‘I would certainly not read anything into that picture,’ Sanders explained.

‘Just like the rest of us, we’re tired trying to keep up with this president who is working hard every day to help America.’

One Twitter user noted the similarity between Kelly and this Star Trek meme


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