Eric Lefkofsky: One Of The Most Unique Entrepreneurs Of Our Time

Eric Lefkofsky is a Jewish-American entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. It was his desire to help people who suffer from cancer that motivated him to take part in Tempus, which is a company that has made it its mission to change the way that cancer is dealt with. They are continuing to do so and have already done so by creating a database of information that draws from the treatment of previous cancer patients. In doing so, new patients can receive better focused treatment because their physicians have the kind of information in their hands that allows them to make decisions based on solid scientific data rather than taking shots in the dark.                                Continue reading

Burnaboy submitted himself to police commissioner Yesterday

Photos of Burnaboy with police commissioner after he submitted himself to police ?esterday

Nigerian dancehall star, Damini Ogulu popularly known as ‘Burna Boy’ on Friday submitted himself to the Lagos State Police Command to state his side of the story over allegations of his involvement in a robbery attack on a fellow artiste, Mr. 2kay.

He was subsequently arrested, interrogated and detained and is expected to be charged to court on Monday alongside four of members of the gang earlier arrested.

Commissioner of Police, Mr. Imohimi Edgal, after the interrogation, said the State Police Command has zero tolerance for all forms of crime and would not hesitate to prosecute anyone found culpable in any criminal offence perpetrated in the State.                                 Continue reading

21 Reasons burglars target your home

20+ reasons burglars target your homeFinancial website Credit Donkey has outlined the number of ways that a burglar can get the best of you and it will likely make you want to take a second look at your homestead. Photo: James Nielsen, . / © Houston Chronicle 2012

There’s a lot more to protecting your home than turning on a security alarm each night.

Because how you see your home may not be the same way a potential burglar sees your home, the consumer finance website Credit Donkey has outlined a number of ways that your home may be making you an easy target for burglary.

According to Credit Donkey some houses are seen as better targets than others and homeowners can likely change that by just taking some extra precautions.

Some of the reasons that Credit Donkey gives for burglary activity are things that most of us don’t even think about or can really control, like living on a corner or near an alley way. Most of us do work during the day, which we wouldn’t want to exactly change.

Heck, some or most of these things might apply to a great deal of you, like the few weirdos who don’t own dogs.                                                                       Continue reading

32 SARS Operatives From Lagos Reportedly Detained In Abuja

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At least 32 operatives of the special anti-robbery squad (SARS) are currently in detention, TheCable can report.

A source told TheCable that the arrested officers were moved to Abuja from different state commands during the weekend.

“The suspects, who are all male, are now being held at various detention cells of the Federal SARS at Guzape District Abuja,” the source said.
“Since their arrival in Abuja, their family members and lawyers have not been allowed to see them based on an order from above.”                                     Continue reading

The Optimal Diet for Your Brain

Diet plays a critical role for your brain’s health and cognitive functioning. The food you eat has the power to sharpen and preserve your mind, or spiral it into decline.

It is therefore vital that we understand and implement the right food choices for cognitive health.

Fortunately, Dr. Dale Bredesen details the optimal diet for your brain in his groundbreaking new book, The End of Alzheimer’s.

The diet is called ‘Ketoflex 12/3’ and Dr. Bredesen claims it has the ability to help prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

Ketoflex 12/3 gets its name because it is built around the following principles:

It promotes mild ketosis (keto), which Dr. Bredesen says is optimal for cognitive function. Mild ketosis switches your metabolism from carbohydrate-burning and insulin-resistant (bad for the brain), to fat-burning and insulin-sensitive (good for the brain).

It is flexible (flex) enough to be followed by vegetarians or omnivores.

The diet is primarily plant-based with a focus on non-starchy vegetables, but limited consumption of meat is allowed.

It requires fasting for at least 12 hours between your last meal of the night and your first meal of the following morning (12). It is best to break the fast with water (no ice) with some lemon, as a detoxifying drink.

It calls for a minimum of 3 hours between the end of dinner and bedtime (3). For example, if you go to bed at 11pm, you need to finish dinner by 8pm and not snack after that point.

Here are the specific food guidelines:                                                Continue reading

Inmate who defrauded investors more than $100 million escapes Atwater prison

Image result for Inmate who defrauded investors more than $100 million escapes Atwater prison

An inmate who was responsible for one of the largest Ponzi schemes in Washington state history has escaped from the U.S. Penitentiary Atwater Satellite Prison Camp, prison officials said.

Frederick Darren Berg, a 55-year-old Washington state resident serving 18 years for wire fraud, money laundering and bankruptcy fraud, was discovered missing from the prison camp at about 3:30 p.m., according to an Atwater prison news release.

The release did not detail how Berg escaped. Calls to prison officials weren’t immediately returned Wednesday night.

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke said he received immediate notice of the missing inmate Wednesday from the U.S. Marshals Service. Continue reading

Man jumped from the 3rd floor of the Lagos State Magistrate Court in Ogba because He owed 40k

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Heard this man jumped from the 3rd floor of the Lagos State Magistrate Court in Ogba. He owed 40k. Been in prison on remand for the past 6 months. After his case today, he took the leap to his death.
Our problem in this country is simple, we lack empathy for each other. I hope the owner of the 40k is happy now. I hope the IPO that chose to charge the matter to court is happy now, I hope the magistrate is happy now, I hope the court officials and wardens that stood by and watched this man grapple with death for over 5 minutes without trying to help him, I hope y’all are happy now.       I hope thunder fires all of you according to the works of your hands. – Oluwanifemi Esq
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